Lord Use Me

    06.03.18 | Prayer by Dana Casey

    Dear Lord, I ask you to bring us a shepherd. We are waiting so patiently as you work through our lives to prepare for this man and his family to arrive. During this time of transition I can see You working in all of our lives individually. You may be asking some of us to hang in there and trust You. You may be asking us to rise up and lead, serve along side others or have a change of heart. My prayer to You Lord is that you send us a man that is fiercely on fire for You! A godly man with wisdom and passion that is so visible in his work that it immediately begins to transform lives and draw crowds. May this man have a direct line to You Lord and may he draw his directions from your will and never his own. May You give him endurance to withstand the challenge and see it through. May he have eyes to see where change is needed to further your kingdom and reach more souls. May he have a vision for HBC and may it be challenging and good. May he not fall into our routine, but keep us on our toes. May the baptistry tanks begin to stir and the altar line with deacons to accommodate all the people led down the aisles to pray. May we always give you the glory and remain humble and kind. I pray that hearts are teachable and open to what You may have this man say or do. I pray we let him lead us. May we follow behind him and not be a wall in front of him. I truly believe that You Lord have great things in store for us and I pray you Use Us! Use us to be the light so desperately needed in Meridian! Start a fire right here at Highland that others are drawn to. Amen!!

    I can see it! I’m a visionary and lately the Lord has been giving me more ideas than I can handle at a time, but I see them all as something really good coming to Highland. Will you pray that prayer with me? “Lord, use me”.

    Love, Dana