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How do you approach your teenage daughter about the pressures of sex? Of course I bring Scripture and God’s plan into it, but we live in a different time than Biblical times.


Dear Anonymous, 

It is good that you are using God’s word and plan as you teach and instruct your daughter. There are many pressures for children today.

I would also use the Scriptures:

  • Malachi 3:16, “I the Lord your God do not change.”
  • James 1:22, “Be doers of the Word.”

Yes, we live in different times than Biblical times, but God’s Word and standards have not and will not change.

As believers we must be doers of God’s word – no sex before marriage.

If she is feeling pressured in a relationship or peer group, help her find new friends or groups of friends. Church youth group may be a good place to start.

Tell her it is difficult at times to do the right thing, and she may have to stand alone.

Purity before marriage is a decision one will never regret.

Dr. and Mrs. Britt McCarty

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