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The final section of Judges focuses on two of the smallest tribes in the middle of the nation: Dan and Benjamin. Repeatedly the tribes on the fringes of Israel's territory were terrorized by pagan neighbors. Judges were called forth to deliver them. Now the story moves to the inland center of Israel. The very heart of the nation is descending into moral chaos. There will be no more judges. Join us Sunday morning at Highland Baptist Church, 3400 27th Street in the heart of Meridian, as we continue our study of the Biblical book of Judges. ...

Jessica Love Richardson posted a video to Highland Baptist Church's timeline. ...

My prayer for the "children's ministry" event on Sunday was "Lord, just take it and make it beautiful". Well, He did just that! Estimated close to 80 attended(children/adults) and had lunch together, made Valentines for Bedford Home Care, hand delivered them and sang the sweetest songs to them. Can't wait to see what HE has us do next! Love, Dana #toMeridianwithLove ...

Hey Kindergarten-6th Grade!, Don't forget to stay for lunch this SUNDAY the 19th following the morning worship service and parents sign up to bring a dish! The children will make a Valentine craft and deliver to Bedford Home Care in Marion. They are going to LOVE it!
#toMeridianwithLOVE #itsgonnabeafullhouse! #Seeyouthere!

Last of the major Judges of Israel, a son of the tribe of Dan, consecrated before birth with the Nazirite vow, a legendary hero of remarkable strength - Samson was as weak in the flesh as he was strong in muscle. This weakness cost him his dignity and his eyesight. He never fully freed Dan from the dominion of the Philistines, which set the stage for the moral collapse to come. Join us the study of the Book of Judges,this Sunday morning at 10:45 at Highland Baptist Church, 3400 27th street, in the heart of beautiful Meridian. ...

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