Child Development Center

Over 50 Years of Service!


Being an arm of Highland  Baptist Church, all plans, activities and outcome should glorify God and be in  accord with the goals of the church.

Recognizing that the staff, the  children or any person is unique, extreme care is exercised in order to meet  these needs.

The Child Development Center strives to  offer opportunities and experiences that provide each child spiritual, mental,  social, physical and emotional development.

All CDC staff members work diligently  to see that Christian principles are upheld in our daily routines and in  working with others.  Our staff is always  mindful of the welfare and safety of the children.

Here at Highland, we always try to  provide an atmosphere where each person will feel comfortable, happy, accepted,  respected and loved.  When our children  and parents leave this facility each day, we want them to truly be able to say,  “GOD IS LOVE.”

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