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My child is being bullied in my church. My question isn’t so much what I should do as far as whom to approach in the church; I know whom to “complain to.” Actually, I would like advice on how to keep her from becoming disillusioned. Church is a place she is supposed to feel safe and welcome, not angry and resentful.


Dear Anonymous,

I would certainly hope that each class in which your child participates is supervised by caring and alert adults who keep the class in order. However, if you have concerns about proper supervision or suspect that the teacher may be unaware of the bullying, speak to the teacher and ministry leader about the situation and make them aware of your concerns.

This is a very teachable time for your child. Your child needs to know that we are all on the way (even people who regularly attend church) to maturing in our Christian walk or coming to salvation. Often times the behavior of those who attend church has not yet become perfected or perhaps even pleasing, at all, to God.

A good book of the Bible for your family to read together is Philippians in which Paul is able to rejoice even though he is suffering and has been put in prison at the hands of unrighteous men. Philippians 2:2-4, 5-11; 4:4-7, especially, remind us to have the attitude of Christ and to let others see Christ’s spirit in us.

If we are anxious about anything we can take it to God in prayer, and He will give His peace that passes all understanding. 1 Peter 5:6-10 tells us to be humble before God, and even if we suffer, He will strengthen us.

Encourage your child to pray for the bully. Stay in close communication with the teachers of your child’s classes where there might be a bully. Ask your child from time to time how he sees God working in the life of the bully as you pray for him or her.

Mrs. Beth Touchstone

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